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Bandoneon Avantgarde

This project includes a compilation of the avant-garde bandoneon pieces, the transcriptions of them when needed, practising them, recording them and performing them in a series of concerts in Finland and abroad. I am also making videos of some of the performances.

The recordings will be available for release on digital platforms. Video footage from the recording sessions and concerts will be uploaded to youtube or vimeo. Currently, there are no full video recordings of all of these pieces.

The list of the pieces and some information about them: 

      • Kagel’s Preludio n. 1 (1956)
        • Kagel’s Pandorasbox (1963) 

        • Tudor’s Bandoneon! (a combine) (1966): There is a video recording about Tudor performing this piece. The “combine” in the title relates to the assemblages of heterogeneous objects in the manner of what would today be called multimedia. 

        • Tudor’s Magnum opus bandoneorum (1966): This piece is mainly improvised following a series of directives.

        • Mumma ’s Mesa live-electronic bandoneon piece

        • Pauline Oliveros’s Duo for Accordion and Bandoneon (1964): Initially planned as a fully composed work, the Duo exists in complete score written out by Oliveros and preserved in the David Tudor Papers in the Getty Research Institute in Los An- geles 

        • Stanley Lunetta’s Piece for Bandoneon and Strings: The strings in the title refer not to violins or cellos, but rather to electric wires connected to microphones attached to Tudor’s person, including his throat.

        • But Don’t Step on My Blue Suede Bandoneon (1966), for two amplified performers, by Anthony Gnazzo 

        • Crosstalk for Sam Francis (1969) for two bandoneons and tape by Toru Takemitsu

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