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Mercedes Krapovickas - Bandoneonist - Composer - Sound Designer


I chose the electroacoustic medium because of the possibility of working with no specific tunings and scales as I usually do with my instrument when playing acoustically. This technique gives me the possibility of using any sound and filter it, break it, expand it, move it in the space, observe it. 

I am a pianist, a bandoneonist, a composer, sound designer, a woman, a musicologist, I speak Spanish, English, Finnish, I play tango, classical music, folk music. All these categories have been giving me some kind of anxiety. As if my whole being is divided into categories. My search is just to be, connecting all of them freely, searching how can I live without judgement and without putting myself and my creative process into boxes. Ecdysis is about freedom and exploration, combining all the languages I know and just letting them flow.

The bandoneon is my starting point from where I explore movement, sound and expression. I have performed as a tango soloist extensively in Europe and in Argentina for around 20 years. Tango is for me not just a simple local genre but a universal language that contains elements from such diversity of styles. Therefore, tango is a medium capable of expressing feelings of anyone. I have also been exploring the avant-garde movement and the compositions that were made for the bandoneon in the 60’s. The exploration is focused on expanding the limits of bandoneon playing. 

I studied electroacoustic music in the University of Quilmes in Argentina, musicology in the University of Helsinki and piano and composition in the Sibelius Academy in Finland. 


2006 - 2010

Filosofian Master, Musicology, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts

2000 - 2004

Bachelor of Music, Electroacoustic Music Composition, Univ. Nac. de Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Second place in the bandoneon category of the 51st International Accordion Competition

Klingenthal, Germany 


Third place in the bandoneon category of the 52nd International Accordion Competition

Klingenthal, Germany

Some Performances



Guest Artist, Seinäjoki City Orchestra (Soloist and arranger)


Tangon kansainvaälinen talvitapahtuma, Seinäjoki



I like to talk to the winds


Folklandia with Tango Teatteri Kiuta


Tangomarkkinat with Ana Karina Rossi


La jefa’s milonga, Pori with Tango Reo

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