Sound Design
Creating, editing, processing sound effects. From foley to modulating synthetic sounds.

Sound Implementation
Unity/Wwise. Dialogues, music, atmospheres/ambiences, triggers, etc.

In-game music, adaptive music, ambiance, cutscenes, trailers, and stingers.

Sound Hardware
Instrumental Recording, Live PA Consoles/Systems, and Foley Recording.

Software Experience
FLStudio, Cubase, Ableton, ProTools, Reaper, Wwise, Unity, Fmod, Max MSP, Pure Data.

Additional Software Skills: Photoshop, Premiere, Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore

Sound design for Destiny Demo using Wwise.

El hotel electrico (The electric Hotel) is a movie by Segundo de Chomón. Composition, arrangement, sound design and edition by Mercedes Krapovickas. Projected in Skagaströnd Artist Residency, Iceland (2021) and in Kaekuu! Festivaali, Finland (2021).

Composition and Production for Elephant.

Idea, video editing and production for We were Looking, made at Sansusi Artist Residency.

Music composition and production for Näytös 22, the student fashion show of Aalto University.

Sound design and composition for Anime using Ableton.

Les Kiriki, acrobates japonais is a movie by Segundo de Chomón. Composition, arrangement and edition by Mercedes Krapovickas. 

Composition of the Fight of the Swans (Hip Hop)